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About Us



Kaafila is a progressive fusion band internationally acclaimed for its unique style. With their fiercely play of instruments they strike each and every chord in the hearts of music lovers. The musical journey began in 2006 with the aim to spread the sound and rhythm of colourful Rajasthan all over the world. (In Rajasthan music is an undetectable part of everyone’s life and expresses not only emotions but also reflects the cultural diversity of the nation.)

After more than a decade of international activities, vocalist Abid Ali khan and saxophonist Firoj Ali assembled a variety of musicians. The band became famous especially for its musical fusion of traditional and western instruments. Their unique style is created by the combination of western instruments such as saxophone (Firoj Ali), electric guitar (Kishor Kumar) with traditional instruments like harmonium (Abid Ali), tabla (Faruk Hussain), sarangi (Manzoor Ali), khartaal and morchang (Imran Ali), accompanied by sensual vocals (Abid Khan). Occasionally the band explores with more instruments such as western flute (Regula Willi) and ...

Kaafila is a journey of Rajasthani Folk Music. The traditional songs tunes with a flavor of jazz and Sufi make it more melodious and create something new – a remembering piece of music in the hearts and minds of listeners for rest of their lives..